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Office 365 can transform the efficiency and efficacy of your business.

There are several versions of Office 365, see below for more information but this isn't an exhaustive list.

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Office 365 Home, Personal or BUSINESS 

Take a look at this page from Microsoft as it descibes these versions perfectly. Click here.

Office 365 Business

Office 365 Business was created for the Small to Medium Business, and offers businesses a pay monthly subscription that includes the Office applications, as well as cloud file sharing and storage. Depending on which plan you choose, you could also have access to next generation of productivity-based services such as Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Online, applications that are changing the way businesses communicate and collaborate.

There are three versions of Office 365 for business at the time of writing.

Office 365 Business. Business-class email is not included with this plan, and which is most suitable for businesses wanting Office applications and cloud file storage and sharing only.

Office 365 Business Essentials. Office 365 Business Essentials has been created for the business looking for business-class email and business services, but not requiring Office applications. You'll also get access to Microsoft Teams and Yammer.

Office 365 Business Premium. The Business Premium service plan is most appropriate for businesses needing business-class email as well as Office applications plus additional business services including Skype For Business, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Yammer and more.

To learn more about Office 365 for Business either call us on 07713 605176 or read this page from Microsoft. Click Here.

that sounds expensive

Microsoft 365 services are subscription based and prices vary depending on the services and products you want to include for your business.  

For more details of current pricing from Microsot click HERE   

We can provide all your Microsoft licensing needs and advise and help with on-boarding.

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