With over 24 years of experience we are proud to have offered consultancy to a huge range of clients from many sectors all over the UK.

Consultancy to us isn't about talking, it's about listening. We listen to what you say about what you need. We have the experience to take what we've discussed with you and turn it into a plan to deliver an end result. A deliverable solution.

Problem solvers and solution magicians

We don't claim that lightly. We have solved so many problems presented to us over many years and have turned those problems into solutions. Want some examples:

We worked as systems engineers on the presigeous A55 Conwy Crossing Submerged tube tunnel in North Wales several years ago. These works are based on a construction company doing the work and on an engineering company managing those works. The floating out of each submerged tube into position was impossible for the engineer to monitor until we designed and built a monitoring system that took theodolite data and compared that data from survey points, atop each tunnel element, to design strings. The handheld device reported back in real-time the position of the element as it floated into position. After each session, the engineer could print a plot showing the exact movements of the tunnel and the final position.

So we were presented with a problem and we found a solution.

the nhs

A lot of our consultancy has been with the NHS over many years. We have designed and built countless solutions such as the NHS Direct nurse triage system that was used by the nursing staff manning the call centres. We not only designed and built the technical solutions for this NHS Direct solution, our principal worked as Managing Director and chief technical architect and developer for seven years for the company providing the software to the NHS. We worked with many highly regarded clinicians providing the mechanisms to deliver the clinical content.