What IS Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favourite tools and frameworks.

Yes but in real terms, what does that mean for me and my business? Well, it means that, for example, if you know you need more server capacity to support your business, you can achieve this with Azure in a few clicks of a mouse. Yes, a few clicks! With Azure, your virtual server capacity is unlimited and you'll ony pay for what you use.

Azure isn't just about virtual servers. There are over 100 services you can call on. Just one example is Flow. Microsoft Flow is cloud-based software that allows employees to create and automate workflows and tasks across multiple applications and services without help from developers. Automated workflows are called flows.

We at Geodetic.UK have been working with Azure for several years and we are so excited with the possibilities that Azure offers our clients. We use Azure to run our business too. We are also, of course, resellers of Azure services and to learn more simply call us on 07713 605176 for a free no obligation chat.

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Any tool, language or framework

Quickly turn ideas into solutions to get up and running fast – just bring your code. Build applications with the language of your choice, including Node.js, Java, .NET and use what you already know and love. Work with best-in-class development tools for PC or Mac, such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, to increase your productivity with features that let you focus on what matters most: writing great code. Get mobile apps into the hands of users faster by streamlining the mobile development lifecycle with Visual Studio App Centre, including automated builds and testing for cross-platform, hybrid and native apps on iOS and Android.

Choose from more than 100 services

Engage users in richer ways by building native mobile apps, responsive web apps or next-generation experiences like bots and mixed reality. Quickly solve the toughest challenges and get your app up and running with minimal effort through seamless integration with the Visual Studio family of tools and more than 100 turn-key Azure services. Develop with open-source technologies like Kubernetes, modernise applications using serverless computing with Azure Functions, and infuse intelligence into your solutions through artificial intelligence and data. Easily connect applications, data and devices by taking advantage of more than 150 out-of-the-box Azure Logic Apps connectors that include Salesforce, Office 365, Twitter, Dropbox and Google services.

Manage apps, services and resources faster

Manage applications no matter how large or complex. Use the management tools you feel most comfortable with, including the Azure portal, Power Shell, BASH or REST APIs. Easily automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, speed up app delivery and eliminate errors. Get built-in support for application monitoring, log analytics, patching, backup and website recovery so you focus on your app, not infrastructure.