SharePoint, PowerApps and Power Automate

We at Geodetic.UK are experts at application development. When you trust a highly experienced development company to deliver a solution to your business, you can be assured they will deliver the right solution based on 24+ years in the business. We won't waste time or money delivering the wrong solution and this is so important. We have seen other developers delivering overly complex, expensive and inappropriate solutions and it upsets us.

Our extensive experience will guide you into the right solution and we'll take you with us every step of the way from design considerations, functionally correct features, excellent usability, friendly user interfaces and very regular progress feedback.

Typically, after we have discussed your requirements with you and your staff, we deliver a mock-up within a few days so that you can see what you'll be getting. The mock-up is usable but of course it won't store any data but you can move from page to page etc. using buttons and other elements.

One of the many benefits of developing business solutions with Office 365 products is the speed in which products can be developed. PowerApps is a low-code development platform that, with the right level of development experience, can deliver superb apps quickly and at minimal cost. We develop apps for SharePoint or SQL Server using PowerApps, Power Automate and more. We also develop other apps for other platforms using a variety of development technologies such as client-side and server-side developments using industry standard tools and programming languages.

How do you know we'll offer you the most appropriate, most elegant and cost effective solution? Experience counts; 24+ years of experience.

Call us on 07713 605176 for a free no obligation chat to discuss your requirements.

Using the right tools

We don't stick to the same old technologies we've been using for years just because we know them. We constantly develop solutions using the latest technologies so that your product is fit for purpose and fit for the future. We also provide you with a full set of documentation and of course the source code.

Importantly, we train your users and we support you all the way.

Anything is possible

We love a challenge and we just love finding solutions that others just don't have the experience to achieve. We have developed many solutions for the NHS and for many industries around the UK.

Where do we start

It starts with a phone call to 07713 605176. A free no obligation chat with one of our solution architects.