Database Architecture

Database Architecture is sometimes overlooked as being one, if not the most important part of a database related software product.  If you get the infrastructure and foundations right then the building will stand robustly upon it and the same is true regarding database architecture.

Geodetic have over sixteen years experience working with small databases right up to the corporate giant databases running across multiple servers.  Database architecture is not the same as database design.  We define the architecture as the platform and environment the database resides within and the purpose it has to serve.  Designing and specifying the architecture of a database can be as simple as specifying “SQL Server” or as complex as specifying fail-over cluster based deployments across load sharing servers within data centres.

Sometimes the best architecture for a client already exists within their business but sometimes new environments are recommended and even alternative remote data centres are the best choice.  It’s up to you but we will guide you towards the best decision based on many years experience.

Database Design

Geodetic have come across some truly horrendous database designs over the years and have always been able to identify what has gone wrong and what needs fixing.  Database design can be seen as an exact science that must follow rigid database rules such as 3rd form normalisation for example.  Whilst such mathematically correct designs are often appropriate, equally, sometimes they are not.  Sometimes de-normalised data structures provide a better performance than the more officially correct solution but you can rely on Geodetics’ experience and expertise to provide the most effective and efficient design for the applications we develop.

The Database Design Service is available as a standalone service or as part of the full life-cycle software product development.  Geodetic can troubleshoot your existing databases or design from scratch.

The wrong database design can add thousands of pounds to a project’s overall costs.  These unnecessary costs can come from the extra support needed to support a badly developed database or from slow performance or lack of robustness or from simply the wrong architecture or technology employed. 

The Geodetic Database Design Service deliverable typically includes hyperlinked documentation files with all the technical detail and comments needed for your database administrator to manage your system after deployment.