Architecture Service

The key to stable and robust products and services is the foundation upon which they’re built.  Geodetic, with its sixteen years of experience, will work with you on the architecture and design of your proposed or existing product or service deliverable.

We define the architecture as the data framework and environment that your product or service delivers under.  The Geodetic Architecture & Design Service incorporates helping you make the right decision about how to deploy your application or service.  Geodetic will introduce you to technologies and options you may not yet have considered and Geodetic will guide you all the way with experienced hands.

Defining the right architecture usually involves selecting the right database back-end, the right server platforms and the right choice of transport mechanisms to deliver your content to your users.  For example, we help you specify if SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or a native database is the best choice for product or service.

Geodetic will not only document the architectural decision process, at whatever level you choose, but will also fully document, deliver and deploy your databases for you as part of the service.  The Geodetic Architecture & Design Service works closely with other Geodetic services so that your entire project is as joined up as it needs to be.  Documentation delivered by one service follows the same standard as all other services.

Design Service

When Geodetic engage with a client project, especially when from scratch, the Geodetic Design Service team ensure that, before a line of code is written, you have the most effective design fully documented to whatever standard you choose.  The more formal, usually the more expensive but that expense is usually worth the extra effort and design outputs because it allows your project to continue in-house if that’s what you need.

After a solid sixteen years of experience designing and developing software products Geodetic knows that design, design, design is the project office mantra.  Geodetic staff typically spends proportionately less time coding than they do designing.  Get the design right and the coding is simpler and certainly more structured.  Geodetic have lost track of the number of projects developed by well meaning coders that haven’t followed a formal or even informal design philosophy.  The result is very messy code, long straggling procedures and functions, bad data handling, return trip coding and bolt-on modules that were never designed to fit together in the first place.  The Geodetic Design Service will ensure your project is designed well from start to finish.  Geodetic typically encourages the inclusion of your real-world users to feedback on feature design and functionality and can liaise directly with user groups if required.  Geodetic can also provider its own bank on alpha and beta users to provide alternative feedback.

Geodetic document the design process using industry standard methodologies.  Our design team will include the frequent feedback of screen mock-ups and in many cases actual screens for users to test.  All this attention to detail ensures that both Client and Geodetic are proud of their products.

The end deliverable from the design service is a functional specification document.  Clients choose how formal and detailed this document is.  Some clients like to go the whole way and others prefer a few sides of A4.  It’s up to you.

We also work using the Agile architecture whereby blocks of work complete their lifecycle independent of the rest of the blocks of work. In many situations this approach works well in others, it may not always be suitable or appropriate. We'll advise you.